LIVE 3-DAY Online Event for Multifamily Investors
Join this incredible event designed specifically for today's brightest and boldest multifamily investors! The countdown begins...
January 20-22, 2022
A stellar lineup of expert speakers with proven track records for success.
Learn from the best and apply everything directly to your multifamily business.
  • Coach Trevor McGregor
    Trevor McGregor Int'l
    • Whitney Sewell, Founder
      Life Bridge Capital, LLC
      • Dugan Kelley, Co-founder
        Kelley Clarke PLLC

      • Vanessa Peters, Founder  VMD Investing
      • Jerome Myers, Founder
      • Ellis Hammond, Founder
        Hammond Equities
      • Maruice Philogene, Founder and Managing Partner
        Quattro Capital

        • Chris Larsen, Founder
          Next-Level Income
        • Chad Sutton, Managing Partner - Quattro Capital
        • Kyle Mitchell, Managing Partner - APT Capital Group
          • Charles Seaman, Senior Acquisition Manager
            Three Oaks Mangement LLC 
          • Darin Batchelder

          • Dave Allred, Managing Partner - Axia Partners
            • Thomas Castelli, Partner
              Hall CPA PLLC
            • Megan Lamke
              Megan Lamke Real Estate

            • Anthony Chara, Founder
              Success Classes LLC
              • August Biniaz, CSO
                CPI Capital
              • Ava Benesocky, CEO
                CPI Capital
              • Jeremy Roll, President
                Roll Investment Group
                • Evan Holladay, Founder/CEO
                  Holladay Ventures
                • Omar Khan, Principal
                  Boardwalk Wealth

                • Jorge Abreu, CEO
                  Elevate Commercial Investment Group
                  • Arn Cenedella, Founder
                    Spark Investment Group
                  • Joel Fine, Managing Partner
                    Lakeline Properties

                  • Steven Pesavento, Managing Partner - VonFinch Capital
                    • Abel Pacheco, President
                      5 Talents Commercial RE
                    • Corey Peterson, CEO
                      Kahuna Investments

                    • Larry Fiero, VP
                      Dragon Rock Properties Inc.

                      • David Robinson, Principal
                        Canovo Capital
                      • Brian Pownall, Founder
                        New Day Capital

                      • Jenny Gou, Managing Partner - Vertical Street Ventures
                        • Steve Louie, Managing Partner - Vertical Street Ventures
                        • Paul Moore, Founder
                          Wellings Capital

                        • Adam Balsinger, Partner
                          Investor Boardroom

                          • Jason Yarusi, Managing Member - Yarusi Holdings
                          • Pili Yarusi, Managing Member - Yarusi Holdings
                          • Carlos Reinoso, Founder and CEO - Canis Major Investment Capital
                            • Rob Beardsley, Principal
                              Lone Star Capital
                            • Scott Stamps, Director of Investment Management
                              Real Growth Capital

                            • Gary Lipsky, President
                              Break of Day Capital

                              • Ike Mutabanna, Founder
                              • Todd Sulzinger, President
                                Blue Elm Investments

                              • Vasu Kakarlapudi, Managing Partner - Apta Properties
                                • Brian Burke, President/CEO
                                  Praxis Capital Inc.
                                • Charles Dobens, Founder
                                  Multifamily Investing Academy

                                • Ed Modzel, Founder
                                  Gimme Shelter Real Estate Solutions LLC

                                  • Kim Wendland, Director of Asset Management
                                    Quattro Capital
                                  • Timothy Lyons, Managing Partner - Cityside Capital
                                  • Sarah May, Founder
                                    Regency Investment Group

                                    • Jonathan Twombly, President
                                      Two Bridges Management
                                    • Veena Jetti, Founder
                                      Vive Funds

                                    • John Casmon, Founder
                                      Casmon Capital

                                      • More TBA!
                                      • More TBA!
                                      Multifamily Investor Nation Summit
                                      Event Schedule
                                      Location: LIVE-Online (Q&A with all speakers virtually)
                                      All Ticket Holders Have Access to Replays
                                      June 10-12, 2021
                                      THURSDAY, JUNE 10th
                                      Thursday: 8:15 AM EST
                                      The Recipe for Success:  Teamwork, Leadership, and Desire
                                      Danny Randazzo,
                                      Thursday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      5 Pillars of Raising Unlimited Capital
                                      Ketan Patel,
                                      Thursday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      Most Common Underwriting Mistakes that Affect Your Valuation and How to Fix Them
                                      Bob Bowman, Bowman Investment Group
                                      Thursday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      5 Missteps Every Multifamily Investor Should Avoid
                                      Jerome Myers,
                                      Thursday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      Crime Ridden to Cash Cow - Transforming C-Class Multifamily Properties
                                      Justin Fraser, 88 Real Estate Capital
                                      Thursday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      An Interview with Joe Fairless
                                      Dan Handford, - Joe Fairless,
                                      Thursday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Return of Capital Vs Return on Capital
                                      James Kandasamy, Achieve Investment Group
                                      Thursday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  From W2 to Full Time Investor
                                      Panelists:  Abel Pacheco, Raj Tekchandani, Alpesh Parmar, Shannon Kiefhaber, and Holly Williams

                                      Guest Moderator:  Ryan Daigle
                                      Thursday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Holistic Wealth Strategy
                                      Dave Wolcott, Pantheon Investments
                                      Thursday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Understanding Market Cycles - The Key to Maximizing Your Returns
                                      Tony Morgan, Broadwell Property Group
                                      Thursday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Poised to Excel - How to Strengthen the Six Key Components of Your Business
                                      Ray Adler, BTI Growth Advisors
                                      Thursday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  State of the Mid 2021 Multifamily Market
                                      Panelists:  Jeremy Roll, Jonathan Twombly, Omar Khan, Mark Kenney, and James Eng

                                      Guest Moderator:  Danny Randazzo
                                      Thursday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      How to Find Ideal Partners, Team Members, and Employees for Your REI Team
                                      Monick Halm, REI Goddesses
                                      FRIDAY, JUNE 11th
                                      Friday: 8:15 AM EST
                                      Setting Up Your Mindset for Properly Managing Investors to Raise Millions
                                      Dan Handford,
                                      Friday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      Deals Aren't Found, They Are Made
                                      Chad Sutton, Quattro Capital
                                      Friday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      5 Roads to Victory - The Rocket Fuel to Compresses Time in Real Estate
                                      Joe Evangelisti, Legacy Developers
                                      Friday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      Strategy to Make, Keep, and Grow Your Money for Financial Independence
                                      Chris Larsen, Next Level Income
                                      Friday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      Affordable Housing Development
                                      Evan Holladay, Holladay Ventures
                                      Friday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Yes, You CAN Get Paid to Raise Money!
                                      Hunter Thompson, Asym Capital
                                      Friday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Creative Financing - How to Grow Your Portfolio Without a Bank
                                      Bill Ham, Broadwell Property Group
                                      Friday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  Raising Capital
                                      Panelists:  Megan Lamke, Whitney Sewell, Dianne Black Robinson, Cherry Chen, Brian Burke

                                      Guest Moderator:  Joel Fine
                                      Friday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Investor Mindset: 5 Key Principles for Investing Success
                                      Steven Pesavento, VonFinch Capital
                                      Friday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Tax Strategies for Multifamily Investors and Syndicates
                                      Thomas Castelli, The Real Estate CPA
                                      Friday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Heavy Value Add:  Planning for Change
                                      Joseph Bramante, TriArc Real Estate Partners
                                      Friday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  Asset Management
                                      Panelists:  Anthony Chara, Kyle Mitchell, Amy Tiemann, Charles Seaman, Feras Moussa

                                      Guest Moderator:  Kevin Hanford
                                      Friday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      South Dallas Deal - A Case Study
                                      Kaylee McMahon, The Apartment Queen
                                      SATURDAY, JAN 23rd
                                      Saturday: 8:15 AM EST
                                      Mastering the Art of Multifamily Acquisitions and Dispositions
                                      Brandon Abbott,
                                      Saturday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      The Shocking Truth About the Future of Apartment Investing
                                      Mike Lorence, Florida Multifamily Investments, LLC
                                      Saturday: 9:30 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      What You Need to Know about Self-Directed IRAs and 401(k)s
                                      Scott Maurer, Advanta IRA
                                      Saturday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 1)
                                      Proven Plan to Landing a Multifamily Deal of Any Size in 90 Days
                                      Dylan Borland, Borland Capital Partners, LLC
                                      Saturday: 10:45 AM EST (Room 2)
                                      From Raw Land to Shovel Ready - Profit Big from Investing in Land Entitlements
                                      Vanessa Peters, VMD Investments
                                      Saturday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Top 10 Best Practices for Growing to 1,000 Doors by Age 40
                                      Dave Allred, Axia Fund
                                      Saturday: 12:00 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Scaling a Business
                                      Jorge Abreu, Elevate Commercial Investment Group
                                      Saturday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  Setting Up and Working with a Multifamily Fund
                                      Panelists:  Ryan Smith, Aaron Merriman, Pancham Gupta, Ellis Hammond, Nathaniel Dodson, Esq.

                                      Guest Moderator:  Brian Pownall
                                      Saturday: 1:15 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Apartment Syndication for Canadian Investors
                                      August Biniaz and Ava Benesocky - Canadian Passive Investing
                                      Saturday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Step-by-Step Process for Choosing Your Multifamily Market
                                      Charles Dobens and Jillian Sidoti, The Multifamily WarRoom
                                      Saturday: 2:30 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      2021 SEC Updates
                                      Dugan Kelley, Kelley Clarke PLLC
                                      Saturday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 1)
                                      Panel:  Creating Authority Platforms to Accelerate Your Success
                                      Panelists:  Darin Batchelder, John Casmon, Corey Peterson, Jamie Gruber, Erik Cabral

                                      Guest Moderator:  Arn Cenedella
                                      Saturday: 3:45 PM EST (Room 2)
                                      Multifamily Investing While Full-Time Active Duty Marine
                                      Brian Briscoe, Four Oaks Capital
                                      WE MAKE YOUR DREAMS
                                      TURN INTO REALITIES
                                      You will learn and network with the highest level multifamily investors in the entire World at this virtual event! The best way to change your current condition is to begin to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you! If you are the smartest person in the're in the wrong room!
                                      WHAT IS ALL THE HYPE ABOUT?
                                      HEAR FROM OTHERS
                                      EVENT PLATFORM
                                      Enjoy the simplicity and ease of having the entire event located in one application. Whether at your desktop, tablet or smart phone, the Whova app will include all speaker and panel sessions, networking opportunities, event information and more! 
                                      WHAT TO EXPECT AT OUR SUMMIT
                                      At this event, you will gain access to these high-impact success skills that will transform your multifamily investing endeavors!
                                      Investor Mindset
                                      Tap into the high net worth investors mindset to learn how to better communicate your apartment syndication strategies the first time.
                                      2022 Market Update
                                      As we enter 2022, several speakers will be presenting on the state of the current market and where it will go in 2022 and beyond.
                                      Raising Capital
                                      Every deal needs this event you will learn the exact strategies that high level syndicators use to acquire new investors.
                                      Closing Deals
                                      Once an LOI is signed, the hard work really starts. Hear from several investors that have actually closed deals and their road to closing the deal on time.
                                      Selecting Markets
                                      Market selection is very important when investing in apartments and you will learn how to properly analyze a market prior to investing.
                                      Finding Deals
                                      Finding the right deal seems easy, but upon execution it is rather challenging. Learn strategies to find the best deals on the market now.
                                      Investor Relations
                                      Understand the process behind working with investors before closing when raising funds and also after the deal has closed. Communication is key.
                                      Financing Strategies
                                      There are many choices when it comes to selecting the right loan for your projects. Learn about Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Loans, Supplemental Loans, and Agency Financing.
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